Greenroom Festival take 2

.... TCSS has been invited back to the GreenRoom Festival in Japan this month and they wanted to come up with something a little different..... something about surf, art, history and teamwork (& power tools)

they commissioned Sage & Paul Joske from Valla surfboards to craft 5 paulownia alaias, based on their research of the original boards in the Bishop Museum, Hawaii.

they then farmed those wooden canvases out to 5 of their artists with an open brief to embellish the deck how they see fit.... no pressure!!

the contributing artists are Jim Mitchell, Steven Harrington, Damiien Horan, Tyler Warren, & yours truly.
The top photos have been taken by Tom Woods
Below is a sample of shots by Elle Green showing the journey of #141 from source to construction to painting

We fly out next week


  1. hey benno- god looove all these photos...brilliant pieces of timber...
    your life is pretty darn good.xx

  2. Busy, busy, it is amazing what you can do with a one hair brush and a chain saw.

  3. Thanks for your very nice words

  4. Looks killer. Saw an old grey car the other day with 'gentlemans surf club' written on the side with a tidy picture of a 'tashe on it. That's not your ride by chance?

  5. Got here through Alaias blog. Very nice pics!! I love it too.

    Kind Regards,