Just arrived, sweet anticipation!!!

Show time

Phew...All came together finally. No dings on the boards during their flight to Japan, found Japanese linseed oil and gum turps to oil boards and they actually balanced perfectly when we leaned them up against the wall. Happy days, job done!!!

Greenroom Festival take 2

.... TCSS has been invited back to the GreenRoom Festival in Japan this month and they wanted to come up with something a little different..... something about surf, art, history and teamwork (& power tools)

they commissioned Sage & Paul Joske from Valla surfboards to craft 5 paulownia alaias, based on their research of the original boards in the Bishop Museum, Hawaii.

they then farmed those wooden canvases out to 5 of their artists with an open brief to embellish the deck how they see fit.... no pressure!!

the contributing artists are Jim Mitchell, Steven Harrington, Damiien Horan, Tyler Warren, & yours truly.
The top photos have been taken by Tom Woods
Below is a sample of shots by Elle Green showing the journey of #141 from source to construction to painting

We fly out next week

Development of a logo

Sketches, finished art and close up of the Vibe logo I did for Sage earlier in the year


Close up typo of one of the titles

Critical sliders

Critical Sliders from Nathan Oldfield on Vimeo.

A great piece from the very talented Nathan Oldfield featuring the critical slide team in Noosa recently. I hand drew all the titles and am stoked to see how the whole piece came together


A tribute to Patrick "Bohdi" Swayze I did for TCSS for the latest Monster Children mag

Take 2

And here is Mr Wegener wearing one too


Here are some tees I drew for TCSS. They are available at Solace in Noosaville for this week of the festival.
They will be available next week on the TCSS online store here


Always nice to make people feel at home


A logo I did a little while ago for Sage Joske from Valla surfboards. See Sages work here

Some recent work for TCSS


The idea behind this piece of art was to reinvent some of the terminology we take for granted within the surfing culture and in doing so rethink or pay homage to some of the things we do on a wave. It was turned into a yardage and became a pair of boardies back when Shortstraw was kicking along

TCSS gentlemens club

Dress regulations apply


New logo I did for Valla surfboards. Jimbo did the colour way.The vector is a model based on 
a fish and alaia and looks like it would be super fun to ride. The brains behind this one is Sage
 Joske. Keep an eye out for it in the Patagonia store in Torquay