new shakas

Updated Shakas site with my black and white logo

Mr Sea

Some more cut outs, lettering for my sisters family. The first letter of all their names spells Mr Sea. Nice

Grrrr me hearties

White distressed timber off old toy cot, face off old school desk, nose off side of house and hair and beard off one of my old paintings. Lightly salted with a touch of grumpiness.

top hats

Hand screened by Jimbo and me. TCCS top hats.

Close up

This is a close up of one of the works Jim and I painted up in Japan earlier in the year. Midget on the left and Dora on the right. Two of surfing major outcasts but for different reasons. Both extremely influential none the less, amazing foam dancers and very worthy subjects.

Sage and Valla surfboards

Have been working on some model logos and colour ways for Sage Joske from Valla Surfboards with Jim Mitchell. Got some photos from Sage and very happy to see the results. Sage is an amazing surfer and a super nice and thoughtful bloke. Check him out on his blog

Verity: Exploring the origins of the fish

Vibe: Traditional style fish for smooth riding

Verve: High performance, fits in the pocket, draws shorter arcs

Volta:High performance, speedy, draws the longest lines

Japanese times

Great food, great people and a great place, cant wait to go back!

Got to travel with Sage Joske (great surfer, foam mower and Japanese speaker) and Elle Green (Very talented photographer)
(all photos with black borders are hers) Also finally met Jiar Bortello (Santos surf festival in Brazil, thanks for the photo!)
and Ryan Tatar (Shaka's and single fins
) and finally Thomas Campbell who showed his film at the festival.

Far East Mural

This was a mural that Jim and I painted up in Far East surf shop in Tokyo. MP, Wayne Lynch and text


Spray bombs that Jim and I did for the Japanese fish fry

Japanese fish fry

Surf check, surf and then spraying stencils, southern Japan. Thanks to Elle Green for photos

Tokyo sights

Greenroom Festival

Set up and finished installation at Yokohama Bay. Amazing 2 days. Thanks to Elle Green for photos

Beams t artshow

Just one of the stop offs in for our trip to Japan, Beams T in Harajuku, great night and loads of fun

Wax off

This is the exhibition that the works below, as well as some others, will be calling home for a while. Its on at the Greenwood Gallery in Lorne, Victoria

oldy but a goodie

Some crafty work under the shortstraw label

Tidy trunks

Some recent boardies Ive done for shorty