Santos 2

Just did an interview for the Santos art festival in Brasil as well as the new blog banner. Check here for link

Shorty HQ mural

Got busy with Brock and Jim last night to update one of the few bare Shorty HQ walls. The bearded knee paddler will now inspire us to surf more and, work less I guess.

Cut out trimmer

Nose trimmer cut out of 18mm ply and hand painted. The big woolen jumper refers to those mad earlier skeg flexers who wore these and football jerseys in the place of wetsuits which were yet to be invented. They simply surfed until either hypothermia set in or the jumper, full of water, threatened to drag them under. They then came in on to the beach and stood by a raging beach bonfire that had been lit earlier to warm themselves up. Once dry they would do it all over again. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr

Santos Art Festival

This is the piece I am going to send to the Santos art festival in Brasil. Check out the site, it has some amazing artists and I feel very honoured and grateful to be involved.
Its hand painted and cut out of ply.

Shakas and singlefins

Did some artwork a little while back for Ryan Tatar from Shakas and singlefins. Its a great blog and well worth checking.
He also did a nice write up for me too. Nice.

Mish mash

Type in progress

Type used in the titles for both the Shortstraw film embedded earlier in this blog

Boardies archive

First pair of boardie's that I designed for Shortstraw, super comfy, super short and apparently they make you surf better.

Owlies and the Corduroy Hunter

Got a jig saw a while back, and couldn't help finally cutting that timber up round the back of the shed.Way too much fun.

This ocean going vessel is the one to hunt those lines of corduroy swell fanning the coastline in steam chugging salt spraying style